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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Seinfeld Shower Head. Find it on!

The "Commando 450", but better!

OK, for those of you that remember it, this classic Seinfeld scene is the closing of a terrible experience many of us have had. One day, shower heads suddenly became wimpy. Shampoo's hard to get out, soap lingers, plus, you don't get the all-over-your-body adulation a good shower should give. Here's why.

Many years ago there was a limit put on the flow rate of things-that-use-water could use – shower heads included. 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) is the MAXIMUM anybody who sells shower heads can have on their products, period, end of story. That's the law. But, before this law, there were plenty of manufacturers who made their showerheads to work well without regard to a limit. Today, most showerheads are made WITH THIS LIMIT IN MIND during engineering. As a result, you get showerheads with tiny holes shooting needles at you. That's what they call a "high-pressure showerhead". Not that there's anything wrong with that. After all we all have our differences.

Back the the point. Manufacturers started putting "flow restrictors" and "flow regulators" into their products to make them legal to sell. As a result, showers that worked well at 4, 5, even 7 GPM were a bit weak. Gradually, engineering changed the product to work better at low flow rates. Don't get me wrong, a good-quality shower head today gives a great shower at these and even lower flow rates. And we must all do out part for the conservation of resources.

But to those of you who feel that while some guys have their own private golf course to water, a high-flow shower head is a small indulgence to be had. After all, America was once based on demand-side economics; let them charge for the water if is so precious!

We have two items that are not the exact Commando 450, but close, and maybe even better. The 4-inch Brass Rainmaker had 50 jets as compared to the Commando's 26. And the 6-inch Brass Rainmaker has 76! We also have the Elite Massage Showerhead Shower Head in both Chome and Chrome with Black. Going back to the Seinfeld clip, you'll see this item fourth from the right in polished brass.

To get your flow up, check out our section How to increase water pressure through a shower head or hand held shower. Now remember, water is everywhere and it always recycles itself back to water. (It's not like it gets contaminated by radiation going through a shower head.) But droughts do happen, and you may want to keep that regulator close by, especially if your water and energy bills get out-of-hand. The laws were put in place for the manufacturers to follow. We do not know of any laws regulating the removal of the flow regulator. And if your shower head is still wimpy, you may just have bad house pressure. Find fixes for that here.

So enjoy!  Find these items and more on sale! for a linited time.

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The Original Ferris Bueller's Day Off shower head! We've got it! While supplies last

Elite Massage Shower Head by Ondine

This timeless classic was featured in the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off shower scene starring Matthew Broderick. The Ondine Elite Massage full-sized massaging shower head is the traditional choice in showers with advanced features such as an adjustable needle to coarse full-cone shower spray, pulsating massage, and a combination of both.

All celebrity aside, The Ondine Elite Massage is probably the best shower head ever made, (along with perhaps the Speakman all brass Anystream 6-plunger model, which doesn't have massage). It's got an adjustment dial on the outside that gradually changes the spray pattern from a thick shower stream to a high-pressure needly shower stream. Then a combination shower stream with massage kicks in. The massage then gradually adjusts from slow to fast pulsation.

We also have the diverter valve that Ferris uses to turn on his "mic". We have a large assortment of hoses. The one Ferris is using is the Ondine 28213. The same one was sold under the Interbath label as well. Bathlogix makes a hose that's nearly identical to the Ondine and Interbath models.

Unfortunately, we have not had much luck locating the Classic Massage handshower Ferris uses as the microphone. This one in particular was called the "X-90". The Classic line by Ondine was very popular with RV owners. It has a thumb control switch on the back that let you adjust from spray to hold to massage. If anyone has a stash of these, call us!

The Original Ferris Bueller's Day Off shower head is on sale and available only on the It's a really great shower head, and a perfect gift for any Ferris Bueller fan! Find it here.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007 Now Offers "Plumber's Dozens" Discounts! today announces a new promotion on its shopping site designed specifically for the trade. They are called “Plumbers’ Dozens” and offer substantial savings to anyone in need of six showerheads or more.

“There has always been economies in selling larger quantities of an item,” explains Henning Zieger, an industry veteran and one of the founders of “A consumer is not going to want a dozen showerheads. But for a plumber or property manager, it makes sense.” is offering up to 50% off its already reduced prices of many top-end items including the Asceri large diameter showerhead from Moen and Waterpik’s 4-function and 6-function handshower sets. Also available are solid-brass Skimpy Watersaver showerheads from Interbath, and other basic replacement items.

Combine the promotion with’s $5.95 flat-rate shipping on orders under $75 and free shipping for orders over $75 and the savings really start adding up. Plus, they get delivered right to your home or shop!

The promotion is ideal, not only for plumbers, but also apartment managers, facility managers and any other MRO specialist in need of a larger quantity of showerheads.

“Right now we’re testing the waters,” continues Zieger, “but we expect this to be part of our strategic alliance with the trades.”

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Shower Products Ideal for RVs and Boats

At, we've discovered that many of our customers are RV and boating enthusiasts looking for replacement shower heads for their recreational vehicle. To make that search for them even easier, we have added an RV Shower Products section featuring wall-mounted handheld shower head sets as well as hand held shower hoses, shower wall mounts, and handheld shower heads from brand names like Ondine and the Ondine/Interbath RV line of shower products. If you are an RV or boat enthusiast, we hope to be your first stop in your search for all your RV or boat showering needs.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007 Announces Flat-Rate Shipping! is proud to announce our all-new Flat Rate shipping. $5.95 for ground shipping on all orders up to $75 and FREE shipping after that. Whether you order 1 item or 50, ground shipping rates will never increase.

We've also added several new items, including handheld shower heads, shower heads, and shower accessories.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All About Shower Spray Selections

A good shower can turn a good day into a great one!

With shower head manufacturers competing to be the best in the business, there are a dizzying array of shower spray options. With so many spray options, how can you choose? At the, we have decades of experience and have watched shower sprays progress over the years. There are some fundamental ways to form a spray pattern. And most sprays are based on these fundamentals. So let’s take a look at what makes a shower spray and what they are good for so you can get the showerhead with the sprays that you want.

Regular spray

The “regular” spray is the thing we are all familiar with: a spray of water coming at us from a shower head. All shower heads have a regular spray. There are two basic ways of forming a regular spray: A channel patterns where each pray is directed out of a hole (think garden watering can), or a random pattern where water is shot out randomly (think of a basic garden sprinkler). You can tell the difference by looking for individual spray streams versus a random spray pattern.

Directed hole pattern

A directed hole spray offers a rounder, softer droplet. These sprays maintain their water temperature better than the alternative random spray, which means you can save on your gas or electric bill because you use less hot water. They feel gentler on the skin, although in some adjustable spray models they can be made needly for a more invigorating effect.

Random spray pattern

A random spray pattern is what many of us are familiar with from a gym locker room or a navy shower. These sprays direct a burst of water into a cone, which comes out in a random spray pattern. These showerheads offer an invigorating effect because the spray drops are smaller. The Oxygenics shower head uses this approach with added air. Most showers offering this type of spray are less expensive models because the pattern is easier to make. They are sometimes sold as high-pressure shower heads because it feels like there is more pressure coming out of the showerhead.

Massage Spray

The "massage" spray pattern is based on a spray jet that pulsates out of a small number of holes. One set of holes is temporally covered as water exits another set of holes, then those holes are opened as another set is closed. This pattern continues and creates a pulsating jet of water, which may help relieve stress. It may also relieve some minor aches and pains. ALWAYS CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE TREATING ACHES AND PAINS WITH THESE OR ANY OTHER PRODUCTS. When used underwater, the pulsating effect splashes less and may be more comforting.

Aeration spray

The "aeration spray" – sometimes called "Champagne" – is a flow of water that has been infused with air. Tiny air bubbles make this spray pattern super soft. It’s great for bathing infants, or for people with sensitive skin.

Mist Spray

The "mist" spray pattern is created by forcing water through tiny holes. As the water exits, it breaks apart into millions of tiny droplets. These droplets rapidly loose their heat. They also evaporate quickly leaving the bather with a cooling sensation. The mist spray is great for hot summer days, or after a long, hard workout. Many mist sprays give you a tingling sensation, which helps invigorate the body.

Other Sprays

Center Jet or Intense Spray

A “center jet” is a regular spray that has been concentrated into a small area. These are great for getting shampoo out of hair quickly.

Combination sprays

Combination sprays are often a regular spray combined with another spray. The pattern provides another option for the bather. Some manufacturers name these sprays “combination”, or they may give them a unique name like “surf massage”.

Twirling sprays

The Moen Revolution Shower Massage offers a twirling shower spray. In addition to being fun to look at, their effect is to draw a circle on your body. This pattern is like a regular spray or massage, but it moves in a circular pattern creating a different effect than a fixed version of the same spray.

Buy Moen Revolution Massage Shower Head on

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Friday, June 15, 2007 is proud to announce, as part of our effort to make the shower shopping process even easier for our customers, the launch of our Featured Products section. This section will be dedicated to providing an in-depth look to the produts and features we want to showcase to our customers. First up... all about Misting Shower Heads.

We have also launched two additional sections to make for a better shopping experience... Our brand new RV Shower Products section featuring low-flow handheld shower heads, wall mounts, and hoses that are ideal for RVs and boats but are also excellent products for anyone looking to conserve water. Also, check out the all-new Bargain Basement featuring brand-new, never-used, open-package and slightly damaged products. If you're looking for an unbeatable deal, the Bargain Basement should be your first stop.

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