Standard or Handheld Shower Head?
In North America, we are all familiar with the standard showerhead, and we are becoming more familiar with the European handheld or personal shower head.


Malibu shower head
Standard Shower Arm

Standard or Fixed Shower Head with Adjustable Height Arm   Standard or Fixed Shower Head with S-type arm
Adjustable Height Arm   S-type Arm

Standard or Fixed Shower Head

A standard showerhead – or fixed shower head as they are sometimes called – is a fitting that has a ball joint connection on one end and a shower spray face on the other. It is designed to be mounted directly onto a pipe called a shower arm coming from the wall. Standard shower heads are great for bathing, and offer a clean installation for most bathing areas. Shower arm options allow you to increase the height of the showerhead, or to adjust the height of the showerhead so you can keep your hair dry, or get drenched from above.

  • Most common replacement option
  • Clean and simple installation
  • Shower Arms allow additional height option

Handheld shower head on shower arm mount
Standard Shower Arm

Hand Held Shower Head with Wall Bar Mount   Hand Held Shower Head with  Wall Mount

Handheld Shower

Handheld showerheads – sometimes called Personal Showers – originated in Europe and were introduced to the North American market in the late 1960’s. These showers were popular in Europe because existing homes were often made of stone or brick before the advent of indoor plumbing. To retrofit these homes with showers, a valve was installed – often in front of the wall – and a handheld shower was fitted to it. This reduced the need for channeling a pipe in the stone wall or having a pipe on the outside of the shower wall.

Handheld showers offer a host of benefits over a standard or fixed showerhead. Because they are movable, you can point the spray in many directions helping you do more with it.

  • Point the spray where you want it
  • Great for massaging legs or lower back
  • Great for shampooing
  • Makes cleaning the shower stall a snap!
  • Simplify chores like watering house plants
  • Makes bathing pets easier
  • Children and babies love it!

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