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With shower head manufacturers competing to be the best in the business, there are a dizzying array of shower spray options. With so many spray options, how can you choose? At the, we have decades of experience and have watched shower sprays progress over the years. There are some fundamental ways to form a spray pattern. And most sprays are based on these fundamentals. So let’s take a look at what makes a shower spray and what they are good for so you can get the showerhead with the sprays that you want.


Metropolis Handheld Shower Head Directed hole shower spray patternDirected hole pattern

Original Watersaver Shower Head Random shower spray patternRandom spray pattern


Regular spray

The “regular” shower spray is what we are all most familiar with: a spray of water coming at us from a shower head. All shower heads have a regular spray function. There are two basic ways of forming a regular shower spray: A directed hole pattern where each spray is channeled out of a hole (think garden watering can), or a random pattern where water is shot out randomly (think of a basic garden sprinkler). You can tell the difference by looking for individual spray streams versus a random spray pattern.

Directed hole pattern

A directed hole spray offers a rounder, softer droplet. These sprays maintain their water temperature better than the alternative random spray, which means you can save on your gas or electric bill because you use less hot water. They feel gentler on the skin, although in some adjustable spray models they can be made needly for a more invigorating effect.

  • Soft rounded spray drops
  • Save on gas or electricity bill

Random spray pattern

A random spray pattern is what many of us are familiar with from a gym locker room or a navy shower. These sprays direct a burst of water into a cone, which comes out in a random spray pattern. These showerheads offer an invigorating effect because the spray drops are smaller. The Interbath Brass Watersaver – formerly called the Skimpy shower head – uses this approach as does their Tempest. The Oxygenics shower head uses this approach with added air. Most showers offering this type of spray are less expensive models because the pattern is easier to make. They are sometimes sold as high-pressure shower heads because it feels like there is more pressure coming out of the showerhead.

  • Invigorating sprays
  • More heat loss versus dedicated hole patterns

Newport Handheld Shower Head Massage Shower SprayMassage spray


Massage Spray

Massage Shower Spray SettingThe “massage” shower spray pattern is based on a spray jet that pulsates out of a small number of holes. One set of holes is temporally covered as water exits another set of holes, then those holes are opened as another set is closed. This pattern continues and creates a pulsating jet of water, which may help relieve stress. It may also relieve some minor body aches and pains. ALWAYS CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE TREATING ACHES AND PAINS WITH THESE OR ANY OTHER PRODUCTS. When used underwater, the pulsating effect splashes less and may be more soothing.

  • Pulsating jet of water
  • May help relieve stress
  • Consult a physician before treating aches and pains

Quattro Massage Aeration Shower SprayAeration spray


Aeration spray

Aeration SprayThe “aeration” spray – sometimes called “Champagne” – is a flow of water that has been infused with air. Tiny air bubbles make this shower spray pattern super soft and gently soothing. It’s great for bathing infants, or for people with sensitive skin. .

  • Super soft spray with tiny bubbles
  • Great for younger bathers or people with sensitive skin

Monterey Handheld Shower Head Mist shower sprayMist spray


Mist spray

Mist SprayThe “mist” spray pattern is created by forcing water through tiny holes. As the water exits, it breaks apart into millions of tiny droplets. These droplets rapidly loose their heat. They also evaporate quickly leaving the bather with a cooling sensation. The mist spray is great for hot summer days, or after a long, hard workout. Many mist sprays give your skin a tingling sensation, which helps invigorate the body.

  • Millions of tiny drops
  • Great for hot days or after a workout
  • Cooling effect
  • Invigorating feeling

Waterpik Misting Massage Center Jet or Intense Shower sprayCenter Jet or Intense spray

Malibu Handheld Shower Head Rain/Massage Combination shower sprayCombination spray

Moen Revolution twirling shower sprayTwirling sprays


Other Sprays

Center Jet or Intense Spray

A “center jet” is a regular spray that has been concentrated into a small area. These are great for getting shampoo out of hair quickly or when you want a strong concentration of water on a small area of your body.

  • Concentrated spray
  • Removes shampoo quickly

Combination sprays

Combination sprays are often a regular spray combined with another spray. The pattern provides another option for the bather. Some manufacturers name these sprays “combination”, or they may give them a unique name like “surf massage.”

  • Typically a regular spray in combination with another
  • Offers the bather more choices

Twirling sprays

The Moen Revolution Shower Massage offers a twirling shower spray. In addition to being fun to look at, their effect is to draw a circle on your body. This pattern is like a regular spray or massage shower spray, but it moves in a circular pattern creating a different effect than a fixed version of the same spray.

  • Draws a circle on the body for a unique effect



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