A custom shower system can afford a great way to relax or invigorate you for a great start to your day. is dedicated to helping you install the custom shower system that's right for you. This section includes a step-by-step guide to help you determine what fittings you want and how to make it happen.


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Step by step process to a shower system design

  1. Determine which shower fittings – including showerheads, handshowers, body sprays and tub fillers – are desired, and how many will be on at one time

  2. Determine the total maximum water usage. Consider if the flow regulators will be removed

  3. Determine the water pressure available

  4. Select a mixing valve that will deliver the required water volume. Two valves or a pressure booster may be required

  5. Add volume control valves to control the volume of water to individual outlets. Diverter valves may be added to switch between different outlets and may allow shut-off control.

  6. Consider adding a steam unit for a combination shower/ steam bath.

  7. Ensure the drain is large enough to accommodate the maximum water usage

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By consulting this manual, you may already have decided that a plan is needed in order to assure that your next shower works better than your previous installation. Not enough water pressure, the showerhead either too high or too low, and the water changing temperature unexpectedly are some of the most frequent complaints we hear. Almost anything is possible today. So you are free to dream.

You will want a valve that limits temperature fluctuations when another device such as the washing machine has just been turned on. You will want your showerhead at just the right height, even when you share your shower with a person who is either taller or shorter than you are. And, you will want to be sure that there’s always enough hot water for everyone in the household.

Your custom shower system can include more than the basics. For example, more than one showerhead, a handheld shower, body sprays and steam bath generators provide for a personal sactuary of wellness. Today's valves are temperature-regulated, which helps you draw the perfect temperature for your bath. Or, go even further with an electronic valve. Not only do these valves remember preferred temperature settings, but push-button operation, superb engineering and cost-efficient installation may convince you that electronics is the best way to go.

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